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Photos From George & Shirley's Activities During 2018
-- Wilmington North Carolina --

The First Big Event In The Year 2018 Was
The North Carolina Jazz Festival On February 1, 2, and 3.

I'm In The Process Of Putting The 2018 Photos Together.
In The Meantime Check Out My Photos For The Years 2006 Thru 2017.
[2018 NCJF 2018]
NC Jazz Festival Photos

Photos From George & Shirley's Activities During 2017
-- Wilmington North Carolina --
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[2017 Bucks Football]
Football Weekend With OSU and UM Following Thanksgiving 2017 Wilmington NC

OSU Football At BW3 In Wilmington NC November 2017

[2017 Craig Family]
2017 Craig's Family Visiting In Wilmington NC

Craig And His Family In Wilmington NC November 2017

[2017 Kevin Family]
2017 Kevin Family In Wilmington NC Celebrating

Kevin And His Family In Wilmington NC August 2017

More Activities During 2017
[2017 Foster CCHS Graduation]

Click Here For Foster’s CCHS Graduation Hats Off Video 2017

Mother’s Day Brunch May 14 2017
[Mother's Day 2017]
Shirley Enjoying Mother's Day 2017

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The NASCAR Xfinity and Monster Energy Cup Races
April 22-24 2017 Bristol Tennessee
[2017 NASCAR Bristol TN Races 2017]
Bristol Motor Speedway Where George & Shirley Enjoyed
The NASCAR Xfinity & Monster Cup Races

George & Shirley's Activities During 2017
The 37th North Carolina Jazz Festival, February 2-4 2017, Wilmington NC
[2017 37th NC Jazz Festival]
37th North Carolina Jazz Festival February 2-4 2017 Photos

January 1-15 2017 -- At The Grove Park Inn, Asheville North Carolina
[2017 Jimmy Dorsey Big Band At GPI
Dancing With The Jimmy Dorsey Big Band In Asheville NC

Some Of Our Dancing Friends Are Shown With Us In The Illustration

Photos From George & Shirley's Holiday Season During 2016
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Some Of George & Shirley's Activities During The 2016 Fall
September 25 through November 17 2016 -- Wilmington North Carolina
[Fall 2016]
Shirley’s 80th Birthday Actual 2016

[Fall 2016]
Val Salyer's 100th Birthday Celebration

[Fall 2016]
Halloween with Sadie 2016

Some Of George & Shirley's Musical Venues During The 2016 Summer

Grenoldo at Carolina Bay and Drew Smith At Carolina Beach

[Summer 2016]
Grenoldo Entertains At Carolina Bay 2016

[Summer 2016]
Drew Smith Entertains At Carolina Beach Board Walk 2016

Photos From Shirley's 80th On The Beach
George & Shirley's Families Celebrate Shirley's Upcoming 80th Birthday On Figure 8 Island
[80th Family At The Beach
July 30 thru August 7 2016 -- Wilmington North Carolina

For More Detail Go To Photo Album and Ball Family & Reunions Back To 1990
The Ball Family Reunion 2017 Was Held At The Gaylord Opryland Resort In Nashvile TN
[2017 Ball Reunion Group 30]
Attendees At The Ball Family Reunion Nashvile TN June 23-25 2017

Ball Family Reunion 2015 Was In The Hilton Bayfront St. Petersburg FL
[Ball Runion 2015]
The Ball Family Members Who Attended The 2015 Reunion In St. Petersburg FL

Ball Family Reunion 2013 Happened In Mars PA over July 12 - 14 2013 In Conjunction With The 100th Birthday Of Florence C. Ball
[Ball Runion 2013]
Ball Family Reunion 2013 Mars PA July 2013

Ball Family Reunion 2010 Was In University Place (Tacoma) WA

[Ball Runion 2010]
The Ball Family Members Who Attended The 2010 Reunion In University Place, WA

George's Illustration
Of The Visit By The New USS North Carolina Submarine
In May 2008 For It's Commissioning In The City With The Battleship By The Same Name

[USS NC Illustration 2008]
Click the Picture For A Larger View

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