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The NASCAR Xfinity and Monster Energy Cup Races
April 22-24 2017 Bristol Tennessee

[2017 NASCAR Bristol TN Races 2017]
Bristol Motor Speedway Where George & Shirley Enjoyed
The NASCAR Xfinity & Monster Cup Races

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NASCAR Bristol Monster Energy Cup Race Infield & Pits, Monday April 24 300+ photos
NASCAR Bristol Monster Energy Cup Race Rain Delayed April 24 200+ photos
NASCAR Bristol Xfinity Race April 22 2017 200+ photos

++++++++++++++++++++Pit Stop Animations From G+ +++++++++++
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Jimmie Johnson's Pit Stop----- Kyle Busch's Pit Stop
Jimmie Johnson's Burn Out----- Joey Logano Pit Stop
#1 Pit Stop

Photos From Shirley's 80th On The Beach
George & Shirley's Families Celebrate Shirley's Upcoming 80th Birthday On Figure 8 Island
[80th Family At The Beach
July 30 thru August 7 2016 -- Wilmington North Carolina

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Family Photos ---- Days 1 and 2 --- Days 3 and 4 ---- Days 5 and 6 --- Day 7 to end
[80th At The Beach [80th At The Beach [80th At The Beach [80th At The Beach [80th At The Beach

Photos From George & Shirley's Activities During The 2016 Fall
September 25 through November 17 2016 -- Wilmington North Carolina

Shirley and Dawana Cooking - Hurricane Matthew Visits Wilmington Before and After
[Fall 2016]__ [Fall 2016]__
Shirley’s 80th Birthday Actual 2016 - Val Salyer’s 100th Birthday GA Oct 29 2016
[Fall 2016]__ [Fall 2016]
Halloween with Sadie 2016 - Kite Day at Fort Fisher 2016 - Lola Arrives Oct 2016
[Fall 2016]__ [Fall 2016] [Fall 2016]__

Photos From George & Shirley's Activities During 2017
January 23 2017 -- Wilmington North Carolina

George's Four Score Birthday ------- IGCR Chinese New Year Dinner
[Jimmy Dorsey Big Band At GPI 2017____ [Jimmy Dorsey Big Band At GPI 2017

Shirley At The Ohio State Stadium in Columbus With Son Andrew
For Football with Western Michigan - Go Bucks September 26 2015
[Photo Of The Ohio State Stadium]
Shirley and Andrew Attend The Ohio State University Football Game
Another Checkoff For Shirley On Her Bucket List

Photos By Shirley With Editing By George

George & Shirley Celebrate New Year 2012
December 31 2011 On Wrightsville Beach At The Blockade Runner

Shirley, Family & Friends Celebrate Her 75th
September 30 2011 In Wilmington

Shirley & Friends Celebrate Her Big 70th
September 30 2006 In Wilmington
[Craig's Wedding 2006]

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Shirley's Surprise - George's Milestone
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[George's 65th] [George's 65th] [George's 65th]
[George's 65th] [George's 65th] [George's 65th] [George's 65th] [George's 65th] [George's 65th] [George's 65th] [George's 65th] [George's 65th]
Here's More From The Party
[George's 65th] [George's 65th] [George's 65th] [George's 65th] [George's 65th] [George's 65th]

George and Shirley
(The Greatest Pair)

Western George
[George in 2001]
George In 2001
Western Shirley
[New Year 2000]
Us In 2000

George & Shirley In November 2000 - Click On Any To See More
[George & Shirley] [George & Shirley] [George & Shirley]

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