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George & Shirley Traveled North
And Visited Family & Friends In OH, KY and PA, June 2016

Craig Family Visit In Dayton June 16 2016

Visit To Aunt Laurie In Dayton June 16-19 2016

Kevin Family Visit In KY June 19-20 2016

Pgh PA Allegheny County Memorial Park Was Visited June 23 2016
Ball Family Final Resting Place,Allison Park PA

Tour Of FallingWater In PA By Frank Lloyd Wright June 23 2016

Attended ReCommitment Of Rich & Laura With Sadie Raleigh NC June 25 2016

Visit By Sister Ann, Megan and Alli to Wilmington

Tour of UNCW Center for Marine Science Apr 22 2016

Visit to Beaufort NC 2016

Wilmington River Cruise & Keith's Birthday Dinner 2016

Spring In Wilmington NC 2016
Family Things And Local Activities
Return Home from Fl Trip

Birthday Drew Mar 17 2016

Easter Dinner At Home 2016

Christmas With George & Shirley In Wilmington in 2015

Visit By Sister Karen

Christmas Eve Party Vikery’s

Christmas Morning At Drews

Family Christmas Dinner With G&S

Family Photo G&S

- Christmas Decorations & CFS&PS Pot Luck Dinner

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Summer 2015
Thanksgiving in Wilmington NC With Drew, Stacey, and Sadie and Family & Friends

Kevin & Family Visited In October 2015
Fun Times

The Beach In The Storm

Time With Grammy

George & Shirley Travel Up North In June

Shirley's Sons Together In July

Stuart's Family Visits Andrew and Carolina Beach

George & Shirley Celebrated The Wilmington Spring

A Rainy Mother's Day at Mommy Ball's Home
May 9 - Five Mothers In Attendance

Keith's, aka Chief, Birthday Party April 18 At Tavern 14

Easter At Drews April 5th 2015

Old River Farms Festival April 25 2015

Craig & Two Sons Nick & Nathan Visit Grammy & PaPa Ball In Wilmington NC April 27-31 2015

Craig & Boys At The Battleship

Craig & Boys Snakes & More

Craig & Boys In Wilmington

Myrtle Beach

At The Cape Fear River

Medieval Times Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach Aquarium Craig & Nick & Nathan In April 2015

Andrew's Birthday With Special Guest March 2015

Christmas 2014 In Wilmington With George & Shirley

Our Family Xmas 2014 GLB Composite

Christmas Day 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

Airlie Light Show Dec. 21 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 Week In Wilmington With George & Shirley
Stuart And Family Visited

Pre Thanksgiving Events

Thanksgiving Day

Post Thanksgiving Events --- Ice Skating

Buckeye Football With M, Turkey Tetrazzeni and the Xmas Tree

Grammy & Poppy Ball Visit Kevin's Family in KY
and Then Kevin's Family Enjoyed Their Fall Break In Wilmington NC
Kevin Family Cruising On The Cape Fear River

Kevin Family In Wilmington October 2014

Kevin Family In Myrtle Beach and Medieval Times Dinner Show Oct. 2014

Kevin's Family in KY --An Evening in Dayton

Foster's Soccer --

Sophia's Soccer

Craig & Family Visit Grammy & PaPa Ball In Wilmington NC July 19-26 2014

Craig Family Swim 2014

Craig Crab Boil 2014

Craig Aquarium 2014

Craig Family Wilm 2014

[USSNC battleship 2014]
Craig At The USS North Carolina Battleship in 2014

Craig Battleship 2014

Craig Family Frogs 2014

George & Shirley Visit With Cailin and Hannah In PA May-June 2014
First A Memorial Day Weekend

The Amish Experience In Bird In Hand PA

Visit To New Hope PA

Karen & Heather Visit Sadie In Wilmington NC June 7 2014

IGCR Enjoys Their Annual Lobster Dinner

Easter In Wilmington NC April 20 2014
Lamb, Ham and Shazam

Craig's Bekki and Nick and Nathan
Spent Their Spring Break In Wilmington
With A Quick Side Trip To Myrtle Beach

In Myrtle Beach They Went To Medieval Times

Andrew Celebrates His 40th Birthday With Family And Friends
On St. Patricks Day Weekend 2014

Warm Up Party With Family And Corned Beef

The Party With Family & Friends Including A New One - Sadie Elizabeth

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New year In Wilmington NC 2013-14

Celebrating The New Year At The Blockade Runner On Wrightsville Beach
With The Wilmington Big Band

Christmas With The Family In Wilmington

Christmas With The IG/CR Friends In Wilmington

Thanksgiving In Wilmington NC November 2013

First Here Is Thanksgiving With Family & Friends

Second Ohio State Football In Wilmington At BW3 With A Bunch Of Buckeyes

We Visited Kevin & Family In KY & Craig & Family Joined In One Day
Kevin & Kim Traveled & We Taxied The Family To Their Many Activities
Which Included Swimming Clippers And Kicking Camels
Around The House, Cooking And Craig

Abbie & The Swimming Clippers At Silverlake

Foster & The Kicking Camels Of Campbell County - More Pictures To Come

Family Visits To Wet & Wild Wilmington, The River & The Beaches In The Summer Of 2013
By Craig & Family, Kevin & Family, Stuart & Family
and finally Sister Karen and Family

Craig Ball Family Visit Wilmington June 2013

Craig's 40th Birthday

Kevin Loesch Family Visit Wilmington August 2013

Crab Boil At Bobbie's On Figure 8 Island

Karen Johnman Family Visit Wilmington August 2013

Bekki's Graduation In Dayton
May 31 2013

Bekki's Graduation Party In Dayton
June 1 2013

Easter In Wilmington With Family And Friends
March 31 2013

Keith's Birthday Thanksgiving Dinner

Andrew Celebrates His Birthday With Family And Friends
On St. Patricks Day 2013

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