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Photos Of The Grand Kids
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Grandchildren & Their Activities

More Photos From George & Shirley's Activities During 2017

[Sadie's Gymnastics]
Sadie's Gymnastics - Her First Award June 6 2017

[Marsha & Ed Visit]
Visit By Marsha L. & Ed M. May 27 2017

[Sunday at Drews]
Sunday At Drews with Neighbors Dave & Mary May 28 2017

[2017 Foster CCHS Graduation]
2017 Foster CCHS Graduation

Fosterís CCHS Graduation Hats Off Video 2017

[Foster With Us 2017]
Visit To Kevin's Family May 20 2017

[Foster With Us 2017]
Fosterís CCHS Graduation At NKU May 22 2017

[Foster With Us 2017]
Fosterís Graduation Family May 22 2017

[Mother's Day 2017]
Motherís Day Brunch May 14 2017

George's Four Score Birthday ------- IGCR Chinese New Year Dinner
[GLB 80th Birthday 2017]
GLB 80th Birthday, His Annual Pizza 2017

[Chinese New Year IGCR 2017]
Chinese New Year IGCR 2017

[Keith Bday 2017]
Keithís Thanksgiving Bday Dinner 2017

[Staceyís Bday Dinner May 9 2017]
Staceyís Bday Dinner May 9 2017

[Potluck Dinner 2017]
CFSnPS Potluck Group 2017

[Foster With Us 2017]
Sadie's 3rd Birthday Party At Chuck E. Cheese Feb 5 2017

[Superbowl Sunday 2017]
Superbowl 51 Sunday With Keith and Dawn Feb 5 2017

---- 2017 ----

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[Sadie's 3rd Birthday Party At Chuck E. Cheese 2017]

Bryce Loyal Ball Graduates From Centerville OH High School - May 23 2015

Grammy, Poppy Ball And Many Others Attended Bryces Graduation At The Nutter Center WSU

Sadie Finds Eggs Near Easter Time March 2015

Grammy, Poppy Ball And Many Others Attended Sadie's First Birthday
February 7 2015 - Wilmington NC
Sadieís 1st Birthday

Grammy & Poppy Ball Attend Sadie's First Halloween
October 31 2014 - Wilmington

Drew & Stacey Had Their 1st Daughter on February 7 2014
George & Shirley's 9th Grandchild
Sadie Elizabeth

Some Photos From Feb 7 through March 15

Craig & Bekki & Their Sons
George & Shirley's Grandsons
Bryce, Nick & Nathan

[Craig Family 2007]

Christmas At The Beach
All The Boys (5), Their Better Halfs (4), The Grandkids (5), And Us (2)

Spend A Week At Kure Beach In August 2002

[Xmas At The Beach]
For Many More Pictures Of The Whole Family Click Here

Bryce Loyal Ball - Craig's Son - George's Grandson

For Many More Pictures Of Craig & Bryce Click Here

A Visit With Craig & Bryce In Dayton
Craig & Bryce At Christmas 2000 With Their Father And Grandfather George
Bryce At 3Years 3Months With His Father Craig And Grandfather George


George; George's Son George Jr.; Grandson George Loyal III, Great Grandson Craig London,
and Great Great Grandson Bryce Loyal
For Pictures Click Here

Kevin & Kim's Children
For Many More Pictures Click Here

New Baby Sophia Marie - Born January 28, 2003
Family Elated About The Arrival Of Sophia Marie
[Kevin's Family 2003]
[Kevin's Family 2003]
Foster, Abbie And Sophia In July 2003

-- The Grand Dogs --
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To Look At Older (1996-2000) Pictures Of The Grandchildren
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