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Older Pictures (pre 2000) Of The Grand Kids & Their Families
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-- The Grand Children in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000--

Bryce Loyal Ball - Craig & Tina's Son
[Bryce Loyal Ball]3 Yrs/1 Mn [Bryce Loyal Ball]1 Year [Bryce Loyal Ball]14 Months on Wrightsville Beach


George; George's Son George Jr.; Grandson George Loyal III, Great Grandson Craig London, and Great Great Grandson Bryce Loyal

[G. L. Ball, Sr.]George Loyal Ball [G. L. Ball, Jr.]George Loyal, Jr. [G. L. Ball III]George Loyal III [Craig London Ball]Craig London [Bryce Loyal Ball]Bryce Loyal
George Loyal Sr.-- George Loyal Jr.-- George Loyal III -- Craig London -- Bryce Loyal

Kevin & Kim's Children

Sophia Marie Loesch
Sophia Marie Arrived 4:59PM January 28, 2003
Weighing In At 7# 13oz; Length 20.5 inches. Edgewood, KY
[Kevin's Family 2003]

Abigail Elizabeth Loesch
Abigail Elizabeth Arrived 10:25AM May 4, 2000
Weighing In At 8# 3oz; Length 20.5 inches. Edgewood, KY
[Abigail Elizabeth]
Abigail With Mommy & Daddy

[Abigail Elizabeth] [Abigail Elizabeth] [Abigail Elizabeth]
Abigail Elizabeth With Grandmothers

Foster Gregory Loesch
Foster Gregory arrived about 4:30AM June 27, 1998
Weighing in at 8# 7oz, Length 21 inches Edgewood, Kentucky
[Foster Gregory Loesch]

[Foster Gregory Loesch]Kevin, Kim and Foster [Foster Gregory Loesch]with Grandpa Ball [Foster Gregory Loesch]with Grandma Ball

Other Stuff
-- The Grand Dogs --
[The GrandDogs]
Reo (RIP November 1997) and Alex (RIP November 2001)

[The New GrandDogs]
Keith's Maya and Zoe As Babies In 1997

The Great Unborn -- What Are Morphs?
[Morphs]Who Is This [Morphs]Who Is This [Morphs]Who Is This

[Morphs]Who Is This

[Morphs]What Is This

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