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- Food Around Wilmington, NC -
Places We Eat & The Chef In Our Family

Our Youngest Celebrates 25+ Years Of Cooking
From Inspiration To Reality

[Chef Drew 2003]
Visit Chef Drew's Experiences In Food Preparation & Managing

Get The Whole Story Including Best Chef Awards
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Chef Drew's Experiences

Chef Drew Has Made His Home In The Vidant Duplin Hospital, Kenansville, NC
As Executive Chef With Sodexo Services Since July 2014
He Became A Certified Executive Chef In 2018

Prior To That He Was In The Culinary Technology Curriculum
At Cape Fear Community College
In Wilmington NC In September 2010
and Custom Fit Meals In Burgaw and Kenansville NC

Chef Drew Made His Home At Mason's Haunt
In Wilmington NC In December 2008

Chef Drew Made His Home At Sweet & Savory
At The Cameron Art Museum & Wrightsville Beach
In Wilmington NC In 2007-08

Here's A Video and Slideshow On Some Of Chef Drew's Work
At A Special Event At The Cameron Art Museum

[Chef Drew One Tree Hill 100]
Here's An Album On Some Of Chef Drew's Work
At A Special Event At The Cameron Art Museum

Chef Drew Made His Home At Salty's Which He Owned
In Wilmington NC In 2007
Here's A Special Video On Chef Drew
Cooking His Famous Shrimp & Grits

Chef Drew Got His Culinary Degree From Sullivan College In Louisville KY In 1996

He Also Attended The Culinary Institute of America In The Napa Valley Of California

[Chef Drew 2003]

Chef Drew Cooks

Year 2010
[Chef Drew Haunt Reunion]
Chef Drew's Mason Haunt Reunion 2010

[Mom Day 2010]
Chef Drew Mothers Day 2010

The Best Cook In Town & Mother Of Chef Drew
Shirley Ball - Her Cook Book
[Chef Drew 2003]

Shirley's Cook Book In PDF Form
Shirley's Cook Book In Slide Form

The Dockside at Wrightsville Beach
[Fried Flounder at The Dockside]Fried Flounder [The Dockside]A Dockside Shirt
[Softshell Crab at The Dockside]
Soft Shell Crab Sandwich- George's Favorite In 1996

[Softshell Crab at The Dockside]
Soft Shell Crab Sandwich- In 2001 - Still Great

[Softshell Crab at The Dockside]
Soft Shell Crab Sandwich- George Enjoying One - Look At Those Legs

Dockside's Finest

[The Dockside's Finest]Donna and Tammy [The Dockside's Finest]Tammy in 1998

Smoke House(Betty's) Barbeque- Holly Ridge - George's Favorite Pork Barbeque

[Betty's Barbecued Pork]

Barbecued Pork With The Fixin's

Flips Barbecue in Wilmington

[Pork Sandwich]

Barbecue Pork Sandwich NC Style (with Cole Slaw)

Water Street Cafe - George's Favorite Seafood Chowder

Enjoyed With Music Along The Cape Fear River

[Water Street Cafe]

Served In Sourdough Bread

Our Favorite Spot To Eat - Home

[Shirley's dinner]
One of Shirley's Beef Specialties

[Shirley's Chicken dinner]
One of Shirley's Chicken Specialties

[Shirley's Pork dinner]
One of Shirley's Pork Specialties

[Beer Chicken]
Rough On The Chicken But Moist

Some of The Heart Association's Favorites - Southern Style

[Grits & More]

Grits and More

A Great Spot In St. Petersburg Florida - George's MOST Favorite Cheeseburger For Over 50 Years
- Ted Peters Restaurant-
make sure you get the German potato salad and a frosty root beer also

[The Pine Club]
THE 1/3 Pound Cheeseburger with Onion, Mustard, Relish and Mayo

[Ted Peters]
George with The Original Ted Peters- In business since the 1940's

Some Hot Spots In Dayton, Ohio

[The Pine Club]Dayton's Pine Club For Steak [TGI Fridays]Brunch at Dayton's TGI Fridays
Some Of The Food On A Cruise Which Left From The Port Of Wilmington

[Cruise]Specialties [Cruise]Specialties [Cruise]Drink Specialties

Ask George About The Umbrellas Sometime
[Cruise 2001]
Dinner On The Trip To Nowhere

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