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- December 1998 New -

[New One] [New One] [New One]
[Ann] [Jim]

Wilmington Senior Mens Club Has 10th Anniversary - October 9, 1998
[Past Presidents]
Past Presidents of The Senior Men's Club
[Members Watching]
A Group of the Members Enjoy The 10th Anniversary Lunch at Landfall

Bill & Ann
[Bill & Ann] [Bill & Ann] [Bill & Ann] [Bill & Ann]
[Ann] [Jimmy D]

- George On The Road in September 1998 -

[San Fran] [San Fran] [San Fran]

- Can You Recognize The City -

[San Fran]
Friends in San Ramon

[San Fran]Ron & Patty [San Fran]Norm & Nancy [San Fran]Hy

- Our Third Hurricane in 3 Years - Bonnie August 1998 -

Some of the storms results - mainly it made a mess of the yard - big branches off of trees
[Photo From Hurricane Bonnie] [Photo From Hurricane Bonnie]

- Wilmington Computer Club April 21, 1998 -

[Computer Club]
Composite Of Computer Club Members 4/21/98

- Wilmington Senior Mens Club Visits Sunny Point, April 1998 -

[Sunny Point]
Site Head Toal Informs Club Members About Sunny Point

- 1997 Graduation -

- Heather Lee Johnman -George & Shirley's Niece-

1997 Red Land's PA Graduate Heather

[Heather with Family]Graduate Heather with Family

[Heather Relatives]
Heather's Parents, Grandparents,
Brother & Aunt Shirley At Graduation

- Flowers Around Town -

[Red Flower] [Yellow Flowers] [Yellow Flower- Flower nurished by Shirley in Wilmington] -- [Azalea Native to Wilmington, NC] [Pansy's]
nurished by Shirley in Wilmington

- The Famous Venice Fly Trap Native to Our Area Only -

Venice Fly Trap[Venice Fly Trap Native to Wilmington, NC]Native to Southeast NC

[Shirley]Splitting A Gut [The Schindlers]The Schindlers


[Bob]Classmate Bob Richardson



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