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Activities That Keep George & Shirley Entertained In Wilmington NC

Thirteen Of The 38 Years Of The North Carolina Jazz Festival
Visually Recorded By George In Wilmington NC

The 38th North Carolina Jazz Festival Was Held On February 1, 2, and 3 2018.
It Is Included With The 12 Previous Years Of Festivals
[NC Jazz Festival 2006-2018]
Click Here For The NC Jazz Festival Photos For The Years 2006 - 2018
Located In A Google+ Community

Please Read The Comments Shown Below Before Going To The Photos

The North Carolina Jazz Festival Has Been Held In Wilmington NC Since 1980. It Consists Of Traditional Jazz, Played By ~15 All Star Musicians. I (George) Consider This Jazz To Be The Sounds Of The Big Bands Which I Love, Danced To, And Grew Up With Over The Years.

Shirley And I Attended The Festival In 2006 When I Took My Camera Along For The First Time. We have Continued To Attend Every Year Since And I Continued To Document The Event. The photos I Took And Edited Are Now Stored In The Cloud Of Google+ As A Community (NC Jazz Festival) So That Anyone Can View Them At Any Time.

Each NC Jazz Festival Has Been Held In Four Sessions Including Thursday, Friday And Saturday Nights And A Saturday Brunch At The Hilton Riverside (Now The Ballast Hotel). Because Of This, after A Few Years I Created At Least Four Albums, One For Each Session. Thus When One Views The Albums In The Google+ Community Each Year Will Have The 4 Albums. Unfortunately The Albums Are Not Sorted In Any Particular Order.

One Significant Feature Of The NC Jazz Festival Is The Patron Musician Option. If You Sign Up As A Patron For The Event And Are A Musician, You Can Sit In With The All Stars During The Saturday Brunch (Which Has To Be A Dream Experience.) To Emphasize These Experiences I Often Created A Seperate Patron Session Album.
George Ball

The Following Shows The Albums And Photos From The Year 2017 As An Example

The 37th North Carolina Jazz Festival, February 2-4 2017, Wilmington NC

[2017 37th NC Jazz Festival]
37th North Carolina Jazz Festival February 2-4 2017 Photos

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Thursday PM Session
Friday PM Session
Saturday Patron Brunch
Saturday Patron Musicians
Saturday PM Session
NCJF Working Staff

Animation Pics
Herman Burney On The Bass
Chuck Reed On The Drums

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